Play Baccarat Online

The baccarat game is a tricky and fun game to play. If you are familiar with blackjack, then you will see some similarities. There are two terms you need to be familiar with: Banco and Punto. The Banco is the bank and the Punto is the player.

When the game begins the player will decide to bet either on the Banco or the Punto. Two cards are then dealt to the Banco and the Punto. The purpose of the game is to score the number 9. If the hand is more than 10, the first digit drops and the score becomes a 5. In this case the wager is split 50/50 and falls on either the Banco or Punto.

Each hand is required to have at least two cards and no more than three. The person who deals the cards will place two cards face down under the shoe sole. Next, the same player will give the largest betting player two cards face down. The Punto will then look at the cards and return them to the player. The player dealing will then turn over both hands and the casino dealer announces who the winners are and the results.

The hand is called a natural if the hand has an 8 or 9 and no other cards were dealt. If not, then depending on the value of the hands, the casino dealer will tell the Punto dealing to deal a third card. After the dealing is done, cards are counted and the highest playing hand win.

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