Play Keno Online

Keno is a popular Chinese game that can be played online. keno is fun to play because, like lotto, the rules are easy to understand and remember. Here are some basic ideas and rules for playing Keno online. To begin to play Keno, you will receive a ticket that has the game board on it. On the game's board is printed 80 numbers. Twenty of the 80 numbers will be chosen, each round. To win, you have to guess as many of the 20 numbers possible. When playing Keno online the computer will randomly select numbers for the game board. After the computers random selection you pick numbers between 1 and 10 to guess. The more numbers you guess correctly the more you chances increase to win.

If you are lucky to guess a number that matches a selected number than you have made what is called a Hit. Keno is so enjoyable because the bet requirements are low. At some places the bet is a $5 minimum, but some go as low as $1.

Another pointer of the game is, you do not have to select the numbers yourself. Most people prefer to select their own numbers. If you want the computer to randomly select your numbers for you there is a button on the screen that should allow you to do that.

Take time to read the strategies provided on the website because there are numerous number combinations that can occur. Once you know how much you want to spend and understand the rules and conditions of playing it is time to choose an online casino. Try some of these casinos for playing Keno online: Intercasino, 32red casino and Casino King.

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